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Why Should You Choose A Double Hammock

Why Should You Choose A Double Hammock

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With so many hammock styles available, it can be difficult to choose the right one for you. As you research the best hammocks available, you may want to consider the double hammock.

Double hammocks are popular with campers for several reasons including space, strength, climates, and length. Camping outdoors can be a comfortable experience if you choose a quality hammock that will meet all of your needs.

Double hammocks, just like single hammocks, can come with options like mosquito netting. You may feel more comfortable sleeping in a double hammock if you like the ability to stretch out, but there are other unique specifications that can justify this upgrade to your camping gear.

Big Enough For Two

A double hammock can sit two people comfortably. Most campers prefer to use a double hammock to sleep only one person as it is more spacious, however two people can sleep in a double hammock if needed. The trick to sleeping peacefully in a wide hammock such as these is not to pull it too tight during the initial setup. If the hammock is stretched too tight, the middle will still dip while you are in it and the sides will be higher. Keep the ropes loose if possible for a better night’s sleep for both of you, if sharing.

If you lie diagonally in the hammock and press with your feet and head, you can stretch it out further for yourself or your sleeping partner, creating more room.

This is one of the biggest advantages to the double hammock compared to smaller ones.

Taller Campers Need More Space

Double hammocks are perfect for taller campers requiring extra length. Some hammocks can be over 6.5 feet wide and 10 or 11 feet long. This is great news for those campers that are 6’5″ or taller or for those campers that want that extra room. Some manufacturers even make larger ones.

Unlike other merchandise, double hammocks can be just as affordable as single hammocks, even with the extra material in the longer version.

The longer versions provide excellent air circulation with a double layer of fabric. If you require mosquito netting, the nettings are the same length as the hammock.

Depending on the manufacturer, these can be either removed when not in use or you can flip the hammock over. Taller campers may enjoy using the extra long hammock as sitting space in the campsite as well.

Harsher Climates Require More Coverage

If you plan on camping in a wetter climate or in colder temperatures, a double hammock will provide the extra coverage you need. Extra width and length can add protection to your head, shoulders, and feet when the temperatures drop.

Combined with a cover, a double hammock can keep the rain and moisture away from your body, allowing you to stay warm and dry. Some double hammocks even provide loops to hang your bag within the hammock to keep your possessions dry and safe.

With all the extra room in your double hammock, you can bring a small pillow, extra blankets, or sleeping bag if needed. Since the hammocks are made to allow for air circulation, wrapping your body in a blanket can protect you from the air currents running underneath the hammock. By wrapping your body inside the double hammock, you can virtually stop the airflow and stay warm in those cooler climates.

Stronger When Built For Two

Choosing a hammock with a higher strength-to-weight ratio can be crucial if you plan to sleep two or if a camper is heavier in weight. Some double hammocks can hold up to 400 pounds making these some of the safest hammocks available when you are depending on a suspended hammock not to break.

Always check the manufacturer’s weight limits before purchasing a double hammock. The majority of these camping double hammocks are made of parachute nylon fabric. This fabric is one of the strongest made for camping gear. It also has great stretch, is a little more forgiving, and is quick drying.

The stitching is usually constructed using heavy duty triple interlocking stitching. Confirm the strength of the hang ropes before purchasing as this can vary between manufacturers. These spacious hammocks bring you versatility and strength.

Whether you are looking for extra space to sleep by yourself or to share with a loved one on your next camping trip, a double hammock is the way to go.

Research the best double hammock for you and the type of adventure that you are looking to experience. With the right material you can enjoy those wetter climates or colder temperature areas. Most double hammocks are ultra lightweight for easy carrying on the trail and are easier to set up than tents.

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