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6 Ways To Hang A Hammock

6 Ways To Hang A Hammock

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There’s nothing quite like relaxing in a hammock. That simple, giving support that contours to your body, the slightly weightless feeling, it’s all wonderful whether indoors or out.

But of course, before you can enjoy the feeling, you have to decide just where and how to hang your hammock. Here you’ll find a few possibilities to choose from that can help you figure out the best position for a hammock.

1. Between Two Trees

Of course, no list would be complete without this tried and true method that almost anyone first thinks of when they hear the word “hammock”. Whether camping in the woods, or using this as a place in your yard, it’s a classic.

When using this method, it’s important to remember that you’ll have to make sure the trees are the right distance apart and that they are large enough to support the weight of yourself, the hammock, and any hardware. It’s also best to check that your ropes or other supports won’t harm the trees, as even digging into the outer bark with too much weight can cause some serious problems.

2. A Hammock Frame

The great thing about a good, quality hammock frame is that it is designed for just that purpose. It’s the perfect method for clear back yards without trees or other supports and can take a lot of the hassle out of measuring and figuring out exact points and weights.

There are numerous styles of frames available ranging from simple steel bar frames to elaborate decorative models for fitting into home design. When shopping for one, it’s always important to make sure the model holds the amount of weight you need and how much space it will actually take up so that it will fit where you want it to go.

3. From the Ceiling

Either completely indoors or in an enclosed porch, a pair of eye bolts and the right measurements can be a simple way to have a permanent spot to hook up your hammock inside, whether for occasional relaxation or as a regular place to lie down.

Measuring properly and having the right hardware are crucial for this method. Eye bolts should be rated for holding the amount of weight necessary and should be driven into the right beams in the right places. Remember that it’s not just your weight, but also the weight of the hammock, any extra rope, and other hardware that may be needed for proper hanging.

4. In the Corner

Another indoor method, you can also set up your fasteners in the walls to get a perfect corner in which to hang your hammock. This can be a little easier than some high ceilings and use less rope to hang the proper distance down.

A lot of the same concerns to watch out for as with hanging from the ceiling come up here. It’s important to have the right equipment and the right measurements when you’re using walls as hanging points. You’ll also need to check that the material you’re putting your hardware into will have the load-bearing ability to keep everything up through the expected use.

5. Between Two Vehicles

A solution more for camping or just general outdoor get-togethers, this is a surprisingly feasible and handy way to set up a hammock with a lot of different SUVs, jeeps, and trucks. Adjust vehicles as needed to make sure they’re the right distance apart, then use roof racks, roll bars, or other appropriate attachment points to hang up in between.

Of course, when using this method, as with others, safety is important. Make sure those vehicles are stable and aren’t going anywhere from where they’re parked. While there’s very little chance of weight being a problem, use a little common sense if you want to hang more than one hammock this way to make sure you don’t overload the area between with multiple people.

6. Use Combinations to Hang Anywhere!

Finally, since we all know that it can be hard to find the perfect situation or the exact right set of trees, it’s always a great idea to think in terms of combinations. Going camping and can’t find the right set of trees? See if you can get your vehicle into position next to one for the second attachment point.

Have a great tree with perfect shade on the side of your house? Set up an eye bolt at the right height in your wall for hammock bliss! Use walls and ceilings together, build one side of a sturdy frame to act as an extra place to hang and take with you on trips; consider all the ways you can put different methods together.

With a little creativity, preparation, and just these few ideas to get you started, you’ll find that you can enjoy your hammock just about anywhere.

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