Best Double Hammock For Doubly Great Adventures

Best Double Hammock For Doubly Great Adventures

Why sleep on the cold, hard ground when you can appreciate the night sky in a hammock that keeps you high and dry? Forget your fears about creepy, crawly bugs and things that go bump in the night when you are snuggled safely off the ground in a hammock for two.

You might be wondering why you should purchase a double hammock when a single hammock will do. There’s no such thing as a hammock that is too large.

Once you suspend your hammock, if it turns out that the single hammock is too small, you don’t have any options for making it more comfortable.

You can’t go wrong with the double hammock where extra fabric means extra comfort.

You’ll surely want to get the best double hammock for your money. The best double hammock is the one that works for your size and weight, is easy enough for you to pack up and move, and doesn’t leave you slumbering in cold or wet conditions.

Buying Guide For Choosing The Best Double Hammocks

When researching the best double hammocks, you be looking at the features that offer the best utility for your outdoor adventures. What makes the best double hammock, the best double hammock with stand, or the best double backpacking hammock? Explore these features when making the best double hammock choice:

  • Comfort
  • Fabric
  • Durability
  • Straps and hooks, stands
  • Size capacity
  • Weight capacity
  • Portability
  • Set up

The whole point of immersing yourself in nature is to relax and unwind, so comfort is key when selecting your double hammock. Wake up happy and rested with a comfortable night sleep under the stars when you have the best double hammock that you can find.

Choose a double hammock that is durable, yet has breathability. Ultra-durable nylon fabrics are lightweight and breathable, as well and make a good choice for the best double hammock with a stand or the best double backpacking hammock. Many extra-strength nylon fabrics can hold a capacity of 400 lbs. or more, so be sure to check the weight capacity and make sure that it matches your intended use.

You’ll need either hammock straps or a hammock stand to set up your double hammock. This means you’ll need to think about where you will set up camp for the night. If you’re using hammock straps, you’ll need to have a location that has trees about 12-15 ft. apart.

If trees are not likely to be abundant in the area that you are exploring, you will want to think about getting a hammock stand that can easily be set into the ground. In choosing hammock straps, find a weight capacity that matches your use. Straps are stronger and have less capacity to damage trees when compared to rope hanging strap options.  You’ll want to leave camp with as little impact to the natural environment as when you found it.

The best position for hammock sleeping is laying horizontally. Especially if you are tall, make sure that you can stretch out on your hammock horizontally without your feet uncomfortably dangling over the edge.

You’ll need to carry your double hammock along with your other camping supplies, so you’ll not only want a double hammock that is durable, but you’ll also want something that isn’t bulky or heavy to be carrying around.

Once you get out into the great outdoors, you won’t want to waste a minute of your valuable time with set ups that are complicated or laborious. When looking for the best double hammock, you’ll want a set-up that is fast and easy, so that you can get back to nature just as quickly and stress-free as possible.

Review Of Double Nest Hammock By Little River Co.

The Double Nest Hammock by Little River Co. has earned a well-deserved reputation for being one of the largest double hammock on the market. After your first night in a Double Nest Hammock, you’ll be amazed that this hammock is remarkably strong and yet so lightweight. It’s small, comfortable, and sets up in minutes, so if you’re looking for the best double hammock, this one doesn’t miss a beat!

The heavy-duty parachute nylon fabric measures 114” x 78” and holds up to 400 lbs., so it’s perfect for lumberjack-sized guys or cuddling in comfort for two people. The triple-interlocked stitching assures you that seams won’t tear or break. Strap it onto trees using the premium non-stretch hanging straps and high-strength carabiner hooks for worry-free sleeping that keeps you snug and safe.

You won’t sweat all night long with the ultra-durable parachute fabric that is strong and breathable.

You might think that one of the best double hammocks on the market would be too heavy and cumbersome to carry around the trails. The Double Nest Hammock weighs only 1.3 lbs. so it won’t unnecessarily weigh down your backpack. You can fold it down to the size of a grapefruit and slip it into the carrying pouch that comes with it, so you can easily find room in your backpack for it. The light weight and small size make it the best backpacking double hammock around.

This hammock has versatility and is right for so many applications:

  • Indoor use
  • Campground camping
  • Wilderness camping
  • Car camping
  • Family camping
  • Group camping
  • Hiking
  • Beaches
  • Boating

You’ll appreciate how fast and easy it is to set up this double hammock so that you can spend more time enjoying the beautiful sights and sounds of nature. Follow the simple instructions to set up your Double Nest Hammock on your own double hammock stand or hammock straps, for easy hammock set-up in just about five minutes.


Little River Co. also gives back to nature by donating a portion of all proceeds going to the National Parks Conservation Association to preserve and protect our natural resources.

When it comes to comfortable hammock-sleeping, size matters, so the Double Nest hammock is the most useful and practical double hammock available and they back it up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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