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Going To A Treeless Wasteland? You’ll Need A Portable Hammock With Stand

Going To A Treeless Wasteland? You’ll Need A Portable Hammock With Stand

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Are you going where no tree has gone before? Or, does the state park or campground you are visiting not allow hanging hammocks from trees? No problem! When you bring along a portable camping hammock with stand, you do not need to rely on the use of trees or any other natural features to enjoy a comfortable hang.

Let’s look at how these hammock setups can improve your enjoyment of the great outdoors.

What Are Portable Hammocks With Stands?

Also known as travel hammocks or camping hammocks, portable hammocks are lightweight and self-contained hammocks that are perfectly suited for campers, hikers, and even home gardens.

Portable hammocks are typically made of thin nylon parachute silk to keep them easy to stow and sturdy. That stands that are used with portable hammocks come in a variety of forms. We will get into that later. But, in general, they make it so a portable travel hammock can be suspended without the use of a tree or other anchors.

Why Use A Portable Hammock With Stand?

Portable hammocks are preferred for a long list of reasons:

  1. Strong – A portable hammock for two can hold up to 400 pounds.
  2. Multiple Uses – A portable hammock can be used to carry supplies. It also can eliminate the need for more furniture since it can be used as a camp chair.
  3. Resilient – Strong, breathable nylon is typically used in the construction of portable hammocks. This material is durable, lightweight, and can dry quickly.
  4. Fast – Setting up a portable camping hammock can take as little as two minutes. There are usually two carabineer clips that are attached to hooks.
  5. Roomy – There is plenty of space to relax and stretch in an unfolded hammock since they are generally about 9.5’ by 4.5’.
  6. Light – As we have already mentioned, these hammocks do not weigh much at all. They are typically less than two pounds. This is much better than a sleeping pad.
  7. Tiny – The portable hammock is attached to the bag that it travels in. This bag is about the size of a grapefruit. When you are using the hammock, the bag can be used for a flashlight, late night snack, or for your glasses.
  8. Comfortable – Compared to sleeping on the hard ground, a night in a hammock is heavenly.
  9. Accessorized – You can find mosquito netting, weatherproof tarps, insulation systems, and more for your hammock.

If you regularly travel with your hammock, you are well aware that there are some spots where pitching a hammock can be a challenge. These are the situations where having a portable hammock stand would be perfect. Stands are useful

  • At locations where there is virtually no vegetation, such as much of the American Southwest
  • At group camping events where you have to camp in large fields
  • Improved campgrounds where trees are not reachable because camping is restricted to specific plots
  • Above the tree line
  • On river trips where camping is restricted to sandy riverbanks
  • In certain state and national parks where hanging hammocks on trees is not allowed

Many hammockers think they can just suspend their portable folding hammock from a traditional backyard spreader bar hammock. However, they discover (often the hard way) that these stands are not accommodating.

Other portable hammock stands are just too bulky and heavy for any sort of camping that does not involve your car being within sight. And, still there are others that require unique handling to work correctly or that are just too complicated. Some stands are not as useful since they still require anchoring.

Types Of Portable Hammock Stands

When considering a hammock stand, there are a few characteristics you should look for. It should be portable, easy to assemble wherever you want to use it, structurally sound and sturdy, and if you plan on using it for camping, it should be able to accommodate a tarp. Here are some common options promoted by hammocking superstar Derek Hansen that you can either build yourself or purchase elsewhere:

Portable Pipe Stands

These stands consist of six lengths of pipe. Each end forms an upside down T for a stable base. The ends are connected by two pipes that are connected using a union joint.

This is moderately easy for one person to assemble, is car portable, and does not flex. When you use all-steel pipes, you get a very sturdy stand.

Three-Person Hammock Stand

This is a great option if you have three hammocks you want to hang together, including 2 person portable hammocks. This design channels compressive forces through the struts for a remarkable triangular design.

For added efficiency, you can anchor the stand using the stakes you used to pitch tents.

Tripod Hammock Stand

The tripods are made by simply lashing together three wood struts for each anchor. You then use a rigid top rail to keep the stand from flexing, and you can also hang a tarp above the hammock.

It is also easy to combine tripods to accommodate multiple hammocks. This is easy for one person to assemble.

2X4 Hammock Stand

One of the more popular ways to assemble portable beach hammock stands using construction materials is the 2X4 hammock stand. It can fit into the bed of a truck once you fold it down.

However, due to its weight and size, it is not practical for trips where you are hiking in.

Anchored Pole Stand

This stand will only work where you can get solid anchoring, but it is fairly light and inexpensive. It consists of two struts, usually pipes, connected by a rope. The pipes are held upright by stakes. You may need help putting this stand up.

Now that you have a little overview of the different types of stands that are on the market. The choice of which will work best for your purposes is really up to you. Hopefully, this overview serves as a good jumping off point of what is available.

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