Hammocks For Sale: How To Get A Hammock On A Budget

Hammocks For Sale: How To Get A Hammock On A Budget

You’ve been reading all about the benefits of using a hammock while camping or loafing around your backyard.  You’re ready to get in on all the action but then you start looking around and your wallet is not so happy with the price tag.  Maybe you’ll just stick to your sleeping bag…

Not so fast!

Buying a hammock doesn’t have to be an expensive venture.  It will quickly become one of your favorite and most used pieces of equipment on your camping trip and there are definitely ways that you can find the perfect hammock at the perfect price.

The Basics For Buying A Hammock

What you need to keep in mind when you are searching for your hammock are three key features:

  • Functionality
  • Durability
  • Extra Gear

Once you figure out these three things, narrowing down your search and honing in on the best hammock to buy at the right price will be easy.

Now keep in mind, you want to buy a cheap hammock, not a hammock that is cheap.  While you might have to shell out a little more at the beginning it will pay for itself by how long it lasts.

If you get a hammock that is cheap it is more likely to break or wear down and you will end up replacing it more often and in the long run, it will cost you more money.

Fight your urge to be a miser when it comes to your hammock.  Don’t go to places like a garage sale, unless you know the previous owner well and can get a good history on the hammock’s previous excursions.  That being said, you don’t have to go to a specialty shop and find the most expensive hammock available.

There is a good middle ground where you can find a quality hammock and buy it for cheap.  But before we get to where you should be looking to buy a hammock, let’s look at what makes a quality hammock.


This is the first thing that you need to look at when finding a hammock.  What are you going to be using your hammock for?  How often do you want to use it?  What kind of climates or activities will you be doing with your hammock?  Answering these simple questions will help you choose the right hammock rather than just any hammock.  Buying a hammock that you are actually going to use is going to be better for you and your wallet in the long run.

If you’re just going to use your hammock occasionally and you aren’t going to be transporting it, then a rope hammock is going to be your best bet.  You can set it up in your backyard by either hanging it between two trees or using a hammock stand.

They require minimal effort and will last a long time. If you’re looking for a little more adventure out of your hammock, then you’re going to want to check into camping or backpackinghammocks.  These are easily transportable, can protect you from the elements, and offer numerous benefits that cots or sleeping bags can’t give you.

No matter what you want from your hammock, make sure you are looking at the right type for the function.


This is a big one because you want your hammock to last a long time.  Look at the materials that the hammock you want is made of.  For rope hammocks, cotton and nylon rope are going to be the most popular.  Cotton is strong but can grow mold or mildew in wet or humid climates.  Nylon will stand up to wear and tear and won’t be susceptible to mold.

For camping or backpacking hammocks, nylon is going to be the best option.  It is breathable, flexible, durable, and can stand up to the toughest situations.  More so than choosing a rope hammock, you want to pick a camping or backpacking hammock that is going to last a long time.

Extra Gear

For most hammocks you are going to have to purchase a few extra pieces of gear, so keep that in mind when you are looking at prices.  A rope hammock is going to possibly require a hammock stand if you aren’t going to hang it between two trees.  If you do decide to use trees, you’re still going to need rope, straps, or buckles to make sure it’s secure.

A camping or backpacking hammock is most definitely going to require extra gear.  Some hammocks will come with the extra gear, and they will be a little more expensive than hammocks that have no gear.

You can also purchase hammock kits that will come with straps, rope, carabiners, and ring buckles to help you set up your hammock.  It is possible to find a hammock for a good price as well as get all the gear you need without breaking the bank.

Where Do I Find The Best Price For A Hammock?

Once you know exactly what you need, it’s time to find the right hammock at the right price.  There are a few places that you can look as well as a few extra tips to lower the total cost of your new hammock.

Hammocks Online

This is a really good place to look for hammocks at a good price.  Shopping online lets you compare a variety of different hammocks quickly and easily.

While going directly to a store’s online website, sites like Amazon can offer better prices as well as user reviews.  Most places will show all the features and specs so you can make sure that you get what you need and can also offer the extra gear at a discounted price.

The one downside to shopping online is not being able to see the product before you buy it.  You only get to test or see the hammock after you have bought it.  If you shop from a reputable site, you can usually send it back for a replacement or refund.  Make sure that you check the website’s return policies so you aren’t stuck with a hammock that you can’t use.

Hammocks In Store

You can also go the traditional route and purchase your hammock from a store.  You get the benefit of seeing the product before you purchase it.

You can also get the help and expertise of the employees in the store to help you find the best option and price.  While you might not be able to compare as large a variety of hammocks as you could online, you can go to a few different stores to find the best one.

Extra Tips For Buying Cheap Hammocks

Beyond comparing products and prices, you can shop a little smarter with these simple tips:

  1. Shop The Sales – Many stores and websites will have sales throughout the year, especially around the holidays. If you time your hammock purchase right you can take advantage of the sale and save some extra money.
  2. Shop The Right Time Of Year- There are certain times of year when it is better to buy certain things. Fall is the best time to get camping and outdoor gear.  Most people start to spend more time indoors once the weather gets cooler and stores want to get rid of stock that they might have leftover.
  3. Shop In Bundles – This goes mostly for buying a hammock online, but if you buy all your equipment at once, you can receive a bit of a discount. It might be more money upfront when compared to buying each piece separately, but you will save money in the long run.

It is entirely possible to find a good quality hammock for a good price.  Shop around, shop the sales, and make sure you find a hammock that will stand the test of time and you will use for years to come!

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