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Six Tips For Choosing The Best Camping Hammock

Six Tips For Choosing The Best Camping Hammock

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Countless people choose tents to sleep in while on a camping trip, without realizing there is a much better alternative. A camping hammock offers the openness of the outdoors, while still providing a comfortable place to sleep. Considering these six tips will help you choose the best camping hammock for your next trip.

1. Choose A 2 Person Camping Hammock

Whether you travel alone or with another person, a 2 person camping hammock is the one you should choose. It provides enough space that a second person can sleep next to you, or you can enjoy the extra room for yourself. Hammocks meant for two people have:

  • extra width
  • a larger weight capacity

2. Find A Hammock With A Large Weight Capacity

The best camping hammocks have a large weight capacity. A 2 person option should have a limit of at least 400 pounds. It is important to check that this larger capacity is mentioned before making a purchase. A smaller limit will not provide the durability and comfort you need, especially with two people using the hammock.

3. Consider The Width

Most hammocks are around 9 feet in length. You can find both single and double hammocks in this size. This is simply so the hammock can be stretched between two trees and fit comfortably. Since not many people are up to 9 feet in size themselves, there will still be plenty of room left for them to stretch out and lay. What really matters when it comes to hammocks is the available width.

Hammocks should have at least the following widths:

  1. 4 feet of width for a single hammock
  2. 6 feet of width or more for a double hammock

The extra width for a double hammock allows two people to sleep side by side. A single hammock only provides enough space for one person.

4. Look For A Portable Option

Some hammocks work well if you intend to keep them in your backyard. You can set them up and leave them there to enjoy whenever you see fit. These hammocks are not ideal for traveling, because they are heavy. You cannot easily carry them around. It is best to look for a portable option. A portable camping hammock can be condensed down into an easy-to-carry bag that makes traveling simple. There are plenty of lightweight options available.

5. Determine Strap Compatibility

Several hammocks come with their own straps. While this can be convenient, it is often better to find a hammock that is compatible with any straps. If a strap breaks, you can easily find a replacement. You may also have your own suspension system already available. All you will need to do is attach the carabiners on the hammock to the system you already have. It will make set-up quick and simple.

6. Fast Set Up

A hammock that is fast to set up is the best to have. After a long day, you want to be able to set the hammock up quickly and get some rest.

For a fast set up you need:

  1. 5 minutes of time
  2. Two trees or poles to wrap your straps around
  3. 10-15 feet of width between poles or trees
  4. A calculated height to place the hammock

You can calculate the correct height to place the hammock by using a hammock hang calculator.

The Double Hammock From Little River Co.

The Best Camping Hammock is the Double Hammock from Little River Co. It combines all of the above mentioned features into one unique option. With several colors available, you’ll look the part in any setting.

Ultra Durable

This Double Hammock is ultra durable. It is made with nylon parachute fabric that offers triple stitching that is interlocked.

The attached wire-gate carabiners are industrial strength and will hold well to any straps. This strength and durability allows the hammock to hold up to 400 pounds of weight.

One person can enjoy the hammock alone, or two people can fit side by side. The nylon material it is made with is also breathable.

It will not trap sweat or retain water, meaning you will get a comfortable night’s sleep no matter the weather.

This material is soft to the touch and provides a cozy place to rest.

Added Width

The overall size of the Double Hammock measures:

  • 9 feet, 5 inches long
  • 6 feet, 5 inches wide

The added length allows you to stretch the hammock between two trees, while the width provides plenty of space for two people to sleep. One person alone would have plenty of room to move around and sleep in any position that is comfortable to them.

Easy to Carry

In order to carry the hammock to a new location, you simply have to fold it up and put it in the attached carrying case. The material condenses down into a bag that is around the size of a large grapefruit.

Useful in Any Location

Trees are not the only things the hammock can be placed around. With heavy duty straps, and the carabiners attached to the hammock, you can take the hammock on a boat ride and attach it to the masts, or set it up in your own yard with a couple of poles. It can be used in any location.

Quick to Set Up

Setting up the Double Hammock is quick and easy. All you have to do is place your straps around some trees or poles, and attach the carabiners. It takes less than 5 minutes to do. Once everything is attached, you have a place to rest for the night.

The Double Hammock by Little River Co. combines all of the best features into one ideal camping hammock. A portion of the proceeds even go to the National Parks Conservation Association. With room for two people, durable material, a large weight capacity, increased width, portability, and a quick set-up, the Double Hammock is the best camping hammock around.

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