Two Person Hammock Doubles Your Outdoor Enjoyment

Two Person Hammock Doubles Your Outdoor Enjoyment

From the stall of the rush hour traffic to the rush to get through your day, city life keeps you in high gear where you are constantly stopping or starting. Beyond the bright lights and above the hustle and bustle of the city, the sights and sounds of nature beckon you to the great outdoors. Somewhere deep in the forest, there’s a serene place under the stars with a 2 person hammock suspended between a couple of tall trees waiting for you, and perhaps the one you love.

Imagine yourself stretched out in a roomy hammock for two, where you can easily get lost in your dreams in the quiet of the night. When you listen, you’ll find that it’s not so quiet after all. The air is filled with bird calls, small mammals, and maybe even the wind, as your double hammock lulls you to sleep to the sweet sounds of nature.

When you can’t get very far from the city, you may find the same solace by relaxing in your double hammock in the comfort of your own backyard.

Sure, you can get a cell phone application that will mimic the sounds of nature in your earpiece, but there’s no substitute for the sounds of a natural habitat.

One And Two-Person Double Hammock Sleeping 

A single hammock is fine for a lot of people, but with about two extra feet of fabric, the two-person hammock was made for strength, size, and comfort. If you’re looking for a serene, natural setting for a romantic adventure, a hammock for two will be room enough for both of you without cramping your sleeping style.

If you’re going with a group or going it alone, don’t discount the advantages of the double hammock over a single hammock, especially if you are tall. Having a couple extra feet of hammock fabric gives you a little wiggle room for when you aren’t sleeping flat on your back.

If you’re moving around during your sleep, the two-person hammock has room enough to keep you safely in your bed. Your feet won’t hang over the edge, even if you are tall and you sleep horizontally in your hammock.

 Sleep Positions For Double Hammock Sleeping

Finding a comfortable sleep position for lounging in your double hammock is as easy as sleeping in a single hammock. You may start the night sleeping straight in the hammock and flat on your back, but you may move around in your sleep just as you would in a regular bed.

Sleeping on your side can be a bit challenging and isn’t the most comfortable position for hammock sleeping, but some people make it work. Most regular hammock sleepers will tell you that sleeping diagonally in the hammock is the most comfortable hammock sleeping position.

This is where the extra couple feet of fabric come in handy on the double hammock. Even tall or large men can sleep horizontally in a double hammock and manage to keep their feet inside the hammock.

In a single hammock, you’re more likely to roll over the side seams. The triple seams make hammocks durable enough to hold over 400 lbs., but they can be a bit irritating under your limbs while you sleep.

The two-person hammock keeps the seams out of your way for comfortable sleeping. Sleeping on your side is another way to avoid waking up with seam lines on your arms and legs. Another tip that regular hammock dwellers learn is simply to cross your legs at the ankle—a hammock sleep position that dodges hammock seams nicely.

There are a few other pesky little annoyances that you should know about before you journey out to the great outdoors with your double hammock. Once you become a bit more familiar about how to hang in your hammock comfortably, you’ll enjoy your time out in nature without a care. Here are some common issues and how to prepare for comfortable hammock sleeping:

  • Draft under hammock-add a quilt, pad or sleeping bag under your body
  • Shoulders squeezed-use a double hammock or increase the hammock sag
  • Calf pressure-cross your legs in the hammock
  • Ankle strain-adjust the hammock sag or your sleep position
  • Leg hyperextension-adjust the hammock sag or your sleep position
  • Fear of falling out-sleep in a diagonal position or deepen the sag
  • Motion sickness-use hammock side tie-outs, or just wait until the sway stops
  • Claustrophobia-use a suspended bug net, tarp tent, or let the sky be your cover
  • Multiple people on the hammock – to get restful sleep and be close, sleep side-by-side, bunk-style, or in a triangle

Setting up your hammock so that it is comfortable for your weight and size is as individual as selecting just the right mattress for the king-sized bed in your high-rise condo in the city. You need to pick the right trees with the right distance between them. You’ll need to find a strapping height that gives your hammock just the right sag.

Getting a two-person hammock will make that task much easier. You’ll want some kind of cover if you’re not a fan of bugs. You may also want to put some warm socks or blankets on your feet to keep them warm. Put your important things in your stuff sack that hangs off the side of your hammock. Lay back and soak up the beauty and serenity of the night.

Hammock Buying Guide

Location and utility rule when considering all the features of the hammock that you want to purchase. You’ll want to make sure that you purchase the right material for the climate that you want to use it in. Because hammocks hang outside in the elements, you’ll want to know how easy it is to clean and how long it takes to dry.

You’ll also want to make sure it’s comfortable and large enough to fit the person or people using it. Safety around children is also an important factor. In considering all these things, when you choose the right hammock for your use, you’ll get the maximum comfort from your hammock. Here’s a breakdown of things to look for in buying a safe, comfortable hammock:

  1. Comfort – try it out if you can. Hammocks come in many fabrics including nylon, quilting, and cotton. You can also get hammocks made of cotton or polyester ropes.
  2. Durability – hammock ropes and fabric have different weight capacities. Make sure the hammock is strong enough for whoever uses it. Nearing the weight limit can cause straps to break and hooks to bend or break, so be conservative when measuring weight.
  3. Portability – many hammocks roll tightly into a compression sack. If you’re carrying it a distance, you’ll want to keep it lightweight and make sure you have room for it in your pack.
  4. Fast drying – there’s nothing worse than sleeping on a cold, wet surface. Here’s where they type of fabric becomes important. Unless you are using it on the beach, choose fabric that dries quickly and wipes clean.
  5. Climate – you might pick an airy rope hammock for the beach or a lightweight, but durable nylon hammock for cooler climates, where you want the fabric to breathe, but still keep you warm on a cool night.
  6. Child-safety – kids are naturally drawn to hammocks. Make sure the weight will hold the number of children who sit or play on it together. Inspect rope hammocks to make sure that small arms and legs won’t become lodged in the material and cause injury.
  7. Size capacity – hammocks are generally single or double capacity. Opt for a double hammock for two people or one large person.
  8. Weight capacity – factor the weight of the person or people who will be laying in the hammock. If you add more weight than your hammock will hold, you’ll end up with bent hardware and a hammock on the ground. It’s also a safety hazard for children.


Little River Co. Double Hammock

The two-person hammock by Little River Co. is a rugged double hammock with a capacity of 400 lbs. It easily fits two people and is ideal for large men who need a bit more length and width. It’s made of nylon parachute fabric with triple interlocked stitching, which gives it durability.

It’s also lightweight and rolls up to the size of a grapefruit for easy storage in a backpack for long hikes. It comes with the industrial-strength nautical-grade line for secure strapping. Strong aluminium wire-gate carabiner clips make setup a snap, so you can enjoy more of your camping time.

You can check out our review by clicking here.

ENO Single Nest Hammock

The single-person hammock by ENO is a sturdy single hammock with a capacity of 400 lbs. It is made of nylon material with triple stitched seams. The nylon fabric makes it lightweight, breathable, and quick-drying. It’s durable enough to take a long for a hiking trip and it’s an excellent choice for light backpacking or family camping.

It’s also great for hanging on a front porch, in a child’s room, or in a dorm room. It weighs only 16 ounces and rolls up into its stuff sack for a softball-sized bag for easy toting. It comes with aluminum wire gate carabiners that easily clasp the hammock straps to the hammock.

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