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How do I use and care for my Little River Co. hammock?

Inspect your gear first before each hang.  It's important to ensure everything is safe and in working order!

Make sure you pack your hammock up after each use.  Leaving your hammock outside and exposed to the elements, will cause your hammock to become dull and brittle opening the potential to tear.  Packing it away in our integrated pouch system in a cool and dry space will ensure it lasts for many years to come!

Before getting in your hammock, make sure your carabiners are closed, your cinch buckles are appropriately secured, and your seat is no more than 18 inches from the ground.

While hanging, make sure you remove any sharp objects from you, and that there's a soft landing below (grass with no sticks, rocks, or other dangerous objects).

Remember - using any hammock carries an intrinsic risk.  Accidents can happen, so please use with caution.

How do I wash my Little River Co. hammock?

We recommend using a front load machine washer or washing your hammock by hand.

For front load washing machines (no agitator), remove carabiners / cinch buckles from the hammock. Wash cool on the delicate cycle with a soft detergent (Woolite or Dreft).  

We prefer hand washing our hammocks, using a soft detergent (mentioned above).

Never put your hammocks in the dryer.  Lay flat or hang them up to dry.

Are Little River Co. hammocks breathable?

All our hammocks are made with either soft and durable nylon or ripstop nylon.  Nylon's breathable characteristics lend's itself to a cool and comfortable hanging experience.

Are Little River Co. hammocks available at retailers?

Yes, our hammocks are available at retailers in New York City and Los Angeles.  Please email us at and we'll give you more information.

How long does it take to ship an order?

Orders are typically shipped within one business day from purchase.  This processing time is not part of the delivery service calculation, so please allow for one extra business day on top of the listed delivery time for a given shipping method.

How far apart should the trees be when hanging my hammock?

For the best results, we recommend 13 - 16 ft.

Are straps included with the hammock?

Yes, please be sure to select the bundled option which includes our custom designed suspension system.